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Thunderbrook EquiCarb 1kg 06/20

Thunderbrook EquiCarb
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  • Thunderbrook EquiCarb

Thunderbrook EquiCarb 1kg 06/20

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A specially processed blend of medicinal grade activated charcoal and human food grade mineral clays. Added to either feed or drinking water, EquiCarb has a much broader spectrum of toxin absorbency than just charcoal alone.

Note: Many charcoal products on the market sold for animal use are not actually activated carbon – they are simply hardwood charcoal, non-activated (like you use on a barbecue!).  These hardwood charcoals have only a fraction of the toxin adsorption properties, and can contain impurities.  If you see ‘buy one get one free’ offers – the cost of making the charcoal is an indicator of its quality!

feeding rate : Large horse 20-50g once or twice daily half the amount for small ponies. Use according to requirements mixed into a damp feed. Ensure access to plenty of fresh water.


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