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Thunderbrook UlsaGon 1kg 08/20

Thunderbrook UlsaGon
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  • Thunderbrook UlsaGon
  • TB UlsaGon 1kg 08/20

Thunderbrook UlsaGon 1kg 08/20

Composition:  Purified Citrus Pectin Extract, Purified Beta Glucan Extract, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Phosphatidyl Choline, Purified Aloe Vera extract.

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A blend of purified plant extracts to soothe and nutritionally support a healthy digestive system and gut membrane. Horses that may benefit from UlsaGon include those that display some of the following behaviours: girth sensitivity; wood, soil and lead rope chewing; chest and elbow sensitivity and between the front legs; poor doers; tucked up, stress, jumpy and nervous behaviour.

Feeding Guide:

UlsaGon is a white powder sold in a 1kg pack. Feeding rate is 1 level measure (supplied) twice per day for a large horse, or half measure twice per day for a pony.  1kg is sufficient for a horse for 1 month or a pony for 2 months.

UlsaGon can be fed alone as a supplement, or together with Liquid Gold for an even higher level of nutritional support, for those horses who display many of the above behaviours.


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