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Thunderbrook UlsaX Näytä suurempana

Thunderbrook UlsaX mash


Composition: Dried Bavarian alpine grasses and herbs, Oat Bran, Apple Pomace, Patented Fermented Extract of Jerusalem Artichoke, Esparsette, Psyllium Husk, Toasted Linseed Crumble, Linseed Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Prebiotic Yeast, Lecithin, Fenugreek, Barberry Bark, Oat Oil * Formulation changed on 16/07/2018 to include Oat Oil @ 1%


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Ulsa-X is a multiple prebiotic feed, to support the efficient functioning of the horses gut, by supporting a optimal balance of beneficial gut microbes versus harmful species of gut bacteria.
Ulsa-X has been scientifically formulated to support a healthy digestive system and if fed in higher quantities , can improve condition

Feeding Guide:

Add warm water, leave to soak for 5 mins to make a tasty mash, and feed whilst warm (do not use boiling hot water). Cold water can be used to make a mash but leave to soak for 10 mins. Warm water will release the aromas for a more appetising mash. Feed one part mix to five parts water (eg 100g of Ulsa X – Prebiotic Mash to 500ml warm water). As with any dry feed, be aware that animals that bolt their feed may be at risk of choke. For these animals, soaking thoroughly to make a mash is recommended.

Feeding Rate :

For horses in stressful conditions such as competing, travelling, with frequent changes to routine or diet, convalescing horses, horses post surgery, post antibiotics, post chemical wormer, on box rest, older horses, etc feed a small cup (50g to 100g) two or three times per day to utilise the prebiotic action of the feed.
Add to the main feed and make into a mash using water (see guide above).
For horses requiring weight gain, feed Ulsa X – Prebiotic Mash at 100g to 200g per 100kg bodyweight per day, split between meals (eg 250g to 500g twice per day for a 500kg horse). Add to main feed and make into a mash using water (see guide above).

 Nutrient Quantity Crude Protein 11.9% Crude Oil 6% Crude Fibre 19.4% Digestible Energy (DE) 9.75 MJ/kg Sugar 3.1% Starch 6.3% Fructans 2.0% Ash 9.0%

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