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Thunderbrook GutRestore Näytä suurempana

Thunderbrook GutRestore


Composition:  Purified Citrus Pectin Extract, Purified Beta Glucan Extract, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Phosphatidyl Inner Slippery Elm Bark, Meadowsweet, Rosehip, Liquorice, Marshmallow, Comfrey, Purified Pectin Extract,Beta Glucans, Phosphatidyl Choline, Food Grade Beeswax.Choline, Purified Aloe Vera extract.



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Soothing and nutritionally supporting the digestive system, to maintain healthy gut membranes.

Gut Restore is recommended and used by veterinary surgeons to nutritionally support a healthy digestive system.

Gut Restore has been formulated to work together with Liquid Gold.

Did you know that the gut membrane is only one cell thick?  That means there is only one cell’s membranes between the contents of the intestines and the tissues/bloodstream of the body. Gut Restore is a blend of herbs formulated to nutritionally support a healthy gut membrane.

Feeding Rate: Supplied as 1kg nett weight.  Feed one to two measures, twice per day for a large horse.  Half rate for a small pony.

Lasts one to two months depending on feeding rate used.

Thunderbrook Equestrian monitor Gut Restore for prohibited substances as defined by the FEI/HRA/BS rules, but the manufacturers (in common with other manufacturers) cannot give an absolute guarantee.

Equine nutritionists rate slippery elm powder highly for its ability to support a horse’s delicate digestive system.

The slippery elm is a tree that is native to North America. The inner bark of the slippery elm has a high nutritional value and is ground into a fine light-coloured powder. The cheaper, astringent outer bark of the slippery elm is much darker and will not provide the same benefits to your horse.

The inner bark contains mucilage, a substance that becomes a gel when it combines with liquid. It coats and soothes the intestines and contains antioxidants that help support a healthy bowel.

Slippery elm supports the horse’s intestinal tract in its own mucus secretion.

It has a high fibre content too which is also highly beneficial to the complex and sensitive digestive tracts of the horse.

Slippery elm for horses supports healthy gut function and is able to regulate intestinal bacteria – which promotes good general digestive health.

It can be used, along with a tea made from chamomile flower, to support horses affected by sloppy droppings by soothing the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.

You can also mix slippery elm with water to make a poultice to soothe skin or promote natural healing of a wound.